When God places you in a place of discomfort, know that God is working in your life.

The moment you think you can’t do it anymore, is the exact moment you realize you made it this far.

God doesn’t work out of comfort.

He works out of persistence. He wants to know if you’re willing to stand by what you said. If you’re willing to continue the progress.

Its not about a reward. I’ve learned that even if we were to reach our purpose, that is not enough.

HUNGER for God should be are biggest motivation.

He is our reward, as corny as that sounds.

He is our Father. We are his, and he is ours.

My testimony may not be about drugs and alcohol, but I did back slide from Christ. I was a lukewarm Christian. I thought I knew God, but all I knew was religion. Then one day, my life changed completely. God spoke to me through a dream and since that day I’ve never gone back. He saved from depression and suicidal thoughts. He restored my relationship with my mom. He restored my relationship with my natural father. He showed me mercy and forgiveness. God became real to me. It wasn’t about how many times I attended church, but how much I needed God’s love in my life.

If you’ve ever been in a dark place in your life, I want you to know that it is temporary. God hasn’t been an ideology in my life. He has been a real experience. One so tangible  , I’ve questioned more the natural world than the spiritual world.

Garden of Eden

To my husband,

I want to dwell in the garden of Eden until you find me.

I want to dance in the garden and hide in the mist of it.

I want to hold hands with my beloved until you come.

My heart doesn’t cry out for just anybody.

I chose to be mature and accelerate toward my dreams.

I pray that your dreams become mine and mine become yours.

I want unity above all else. So that when the day comes we will be one.

Today I felt like I just need to wait. There is no hurrying to get to you or you to me. I’m willing to wait because I know that when the day comes you and I wont be an ordinary couple but we will walk in the supernatural, we will run toward the nations and we snatch as many souls that come our way. Together we are invincible and together we reflect God more than we do ourselves. I was made out of your rib and I know I can confine in you for safety and support. I don’t want to be anybody else but ourselves when we are with each other. Promise me we will laugh, joke around, make fun of each other, help each other, teach each other, share revelation, impart to each other, prophesy to each other, pray together, and most importantly love each other. I know we won’t always see eye to eye. I know I will dislike things about you. I know you will drive me crazy sometimes and I will get annoyed of you but just remember above all else I love you. I want to spend eternity with you and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in this world. We did not choose each other god chose us for each other and like it says in the book of Genesis god never left anything undone or imperfect. We are perfect for each other and we carry the vision of our finished part. So here I am to say that I am ready to support you though it all. I see your potential and most importantly I see your heart and it is pure. I’m falling in love with the thoughts of you.

Future wife, friend and partner,

Adriana M.

You my one and …

You my one and only
You came and overwhelmed me
Love so pure and holy, love

With me you never have to hide
Because I’m always by your side
For you I live my life to give
This gift of love is ours to live

You my one and only
You came and overwhelmed me
Love so pure and holy, love

With me you never have to hide
Becuase I’m alwats by your side
For you I live my life to give
This gift of love is ours to live

You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love

Truth that always holds me
My love, I’ll never let you go
Your grace thats everside me
My love, I’ll always hold you close

You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love
True love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love
You my one and only love

My One and Only by Kim Walker from her new album Home. 

This song is absolutely amazing!

I love the fact that she sings it with her husband.

This song isn’t just talking about God it’s talking about her relationship with her husband. 

It’s beautiful when you can find someone who is truly your one and only. Love starts with God and ends with Him. He is beautiful in every way, shape and form. I’m sorry God that I don’t tell you how much I love you. You are everything to me Jesus. Your the sweet aroma, the love that never fails, the pure goodness and the overwhelming holiness that no man on this Earth carries. I fall in love with you God, everyday. There’s never a time where I don’t want to please my Abba father. 

People talk, people stare, people judge but my Abba never sees my progress He sees my end. God I have a passion to love you, to romance you, to melt your heart Lord. 

I’m not here for religion, I’m not here to boast, I’m not here judge, I’m not here as a spectator I just want my Abba. 

I know not everyone will understand my love for God but my Abba understands all. He’s not looking at my weakness, he’s not looking at my sin, he’s not looking at how many times I fail him but He is looking at my heart. 

My heart wants my sweet Abba, there is none like you Lord. My one and only love. 

There are no words to describe the love of the Father. He is beautiful in ways that no one will understand. Once you fall in love with Abba there’s no going back. We were all created to love Him, first and foremost. 

Abba, I dream about the day where I get to see you and hug you and dance with you Lord. 

The day I see my Abba I will give him the biggest hug and I will kiss his beautiful feet because he has mercy on me. 

I love you Abba!!

Lord, I dream about the day where I get to be with the person you have created me to be with. There is a man who was created just for me. He is perfect for me. He is my partner, my  best friend and my soul mate. I run closer to you because I know he is there waiting for me in your presence. He is strong, bold and like the lion he knows his identity in you, Lord. He reminds me of you and he lifts me up so that I may be closer to you than I am to him. He is waiting for me and praying for me pulling me closer in spirit. I pray Lord that when he awakes you tell him secrets about me and when he falls asleep he sees visions of me. Thank you Abba because I know he is a family man, I know he loves children, he loves joking around, he loves sports, he loves souls, he loves learning, he loves to explore new things, he loves dancing but importantly he loves you God. 

Thank you Abba because the day that I meet him I will know who he is because he reflects you. He will treat me with respect, and he will cherish my purity.

I speak acceleration in my life and in his. So that we may mature in your presence and never get offended so easily. 

I pray we die to our flesh as we live to serve others. We are servants in your kingdom, Lord. We will live to serve you and your people. Blessed are the gentiles who go before the Jews. We will practice the way of your people. We will live to serve the Jewish community and every community. We will never discriminate because of race, ethnicity, social status or gender. We are here to serve with open hearts, hands and home.

Thank you Abba for the day that I am a bride will be the best day because I will know it is part of your will. I know that the say I get married it is because you have finally allowed someone to be part of my walk with you. That day we will grow even closer to our calling and purpose but most important we will grow closer to your heart Abba. 


Thought Bubble of the Day:

What’s wrong with this generation is how quickly we want to mature on the outside but how slowly we mature on the inside.

These days I see girls dressing way older than they look. I meet 17 years old that dress like their 25 and 14 that dress like 21.

Well then… you certainty fooled me until you opened your mouth.

Seeming mature isn’t being mature.

Maturity should come from the inside out not from the outside in.

When you can tell yourself “hey, maybe I shouldn’t wear my short shorts and my bra top today” try telling yourself “maybe I should cover myself up a little more.”

Maturity starts when you realize responsibility, discipline, order, etc.

Jesus didn’t dress the part he ACTED the part.

He didn’t dress like God He was God.

If our generation can’t tell the difference between looking mature and being mature than we have a problem.

We have more to worry about than gays, poverty and war.

We have a generation that doesn’t know how to deal with that because they don’t know how to handle it.


I honestly think we’re living in the end times. Lordy lord, I’ve seen so much corruption in the past 18 years that all I want is for Jesus to come already.

Appreciate What You Got

The things you hate are the exact things you were made to change.

I absolutely hate religion.

I hate it’s phony act. I hate false humility and fake acts.

My cousin recently got married. She had a catholic ceremony. I’m not trying to offend Catholics but BOY, THAT IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM!!  They had a bar for specifically for your knees. Which I personally felt was ridiculous! Jesus never had a bar for his knees and he was the son of GOD. He got right in. He would kneel in the dirt, on a mountain you name it! Jesus truly humbled himself before God. He didn’t belittle a limitless God.

I didn’t part take in the ceremony. I silently sat in my chair and prayed so that time would pass by faster. I didn’t feel God in that place. I didn’t feel his love. Which is strange at a wedding. I was just a spectator but at weddings are you not suppose to feel the love?

I felt phoniness. I felt stared at by all the statues. I was seriously uncomfortable. I might have looked my best that day but I felt out of place.

This wedding let me appreciate my intimacy with God. It showed me everything God isn’t because I know who God is. He is love. He is peace. He is everything joyful. He is laughter. He is supernatural. He is healing. He is ABBA.I love that God. I love how he knows us and wants to know us even though he created us. He is humerus. I appreciate my prayers and my encounters with God for it has taught me to love him more.

So why religion?

Religion just repeats prayers. It repeats what the “Father/Pope says.” It repeats what already happened. It passes on this “tradition.” I do believe in tradition but in certain things like marriage. God’s kingdom is expanding. We can’t use the prayers from B.C and expect to have a intimate relationship with God.

It would be ridiculous!

SO I hate religion. I think that in a world like today a lot of people hate religion. They constantly are trying to rebel against it or defy it in someway. I hate religion but I love Jesus.

I think people really need to discover God away from what religion has showed them. They need to discover the true God. I think people would be shocked from how much they have in common with him.



That’s me in the orange dress. My face really explains it all!!